Technical specifications for Gembuild Garden Offices

These are technical specifications for Faygate, Colgate, Synchro Alpha and Synchro Beta garden buildings. A firm level area to be provided by customer.

Rusper, Capel, Synchro Gamma and Synchro Delta. Level base of crushed concrete to be provided by customer.

Please Note: Our specifications are extremely good but may be a bit technical. If you require any further explanation on any of our garden offices, buildings and studios, please let us know.

  • Vegetation mat laid over whole site
  • Polythene DPM laid under sleepers
  • Ex 250mm x 125mm pressure impregnated sleepers to form sleeper walls
  • 25 series – ex 250mm x 75mm sleepers
  • Pretreated joists, ring beams & blockings to form suspended floor
  • 100 mm polystyrene insulation
  • 25 series – 75mm polystyrene insulation
  • Chipboard flooring
  • 89mm x 38mm base and top plate
  • 89mm x 38mm CLS studs and rails
  • 9mm sheathing ply
  • YBS breather foil insulating & fire-resistant membrane
  • Ex 50mm x 25mm vertical battens
  • Ex 150mm x 25mm feather edge cladding
  • 100mm insulation
  • Cut and pitch barn hip structures
  • Box beam structures for series 25 roofs
  • 19 mm OSB sarking
  • 180 mm Insulation
  • Asphalt shingles in copper brown
  • EPDM for 25 series
  • Fascias and soffits in ply
  • Black plastic guttering and down pipes
  • Customer to supply suitable water butts

All cabling terminating to a fusebox with external access for connection by an electrician. Our installation complies with the 17th edition. Customer to arrange certification if required.

Toilet Connection

The soil pipe will terminate on the outside of the building for connecting by a builder.

Water Connection

A connection pipe connected to an internal stop cock will be provided for connection by a plumber.

Thick Wall Insulation

Gembuild Garden Building walls are 170mm thick and include a traditional cavity which is up to 4 times as big as most of the competition.

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