Our Sussex Mini Barns are a range of traditional-looking timber-framed outbuildings that are suitable for a wide variety of uses all year round. They are user-friendly with home-from-home comfort levels including good lighting, excellent insulation and ample power points, all contributing towards an ideal outdoor working space. This range offers many customisable options, including size, number of windows, power points and lighting, allowing you to have a workspace built around your needs and requirements.

The Warnham 25
Available From £5,198.00 +VAT

Ockley 25 - Brighton

The Ockley 25
Available From £6,510.00 +VAT

The Faygate
Available From £8,331.00 +VAT

The Colgate
Available From £8,751.00 +VAT

The Rusper
Available From £14,010.00 +VAT

The Capel
Available From £16,015.00 +VAT