Garden rooms

High quality timber framed garden rooms

Detached garden rooms are a great way to add additional living or leisure space to your home; space which is comfortable, warm and dry, while at the same time allowing you to enjoy your garden more directly and benefit from the natural surroundings outside. A garden room will also give you a place of escape from the main dwelling so that you can relax in pleasant surroundings, closer to nature. When the weather allows, you will be able to throw open the doors and windows and virtually *be* outside … while remaining inside. So you get the best of both worlds and this really will improve your quality of life.

Gembuild Garden Rooms are suitable for:

• Leisure rooms for rest and relaxation away from the main dwelling;

• Nature lovers and gardeners who want to spend more time in the garden;

• Fitness and healthy living e.g. for home gyms and exercise rooms;

• Bolt-holes for those needing to escape from the rest of the household!

• Hobbyists who need somewhere self-contained for their particular craft;

• Musicians who need a studio to record or practice;

• Artists, crafts people and writers who require a separate studio for their work;

• Additional accommodation.

Garden rooms are a great way to create additional living and leisure areas when any kind of expansion is not feasible in the main residence, for example due to planning or budget constraints. They offer year-round accommodation-grade insulation and build quality yet are significantly cheaper than traditional extensions, loft or garage conversions. However they will still become an asset which will add value to your property.

With a vast array of styles, shapes, sizes and finishes on offer, Gembuild can give you total flexibility. Each building is unique to you – our service is totally bespoke. So while we have some core ranges to get things started, how we apply them – or change them – is totally down to your preferences. If you prefer cedar shingles to the roof, that’s fine. If you prefer real slate, that’s also no problem. Perhaps you might prefer dark sadolin-finished cladding to the exterior to match the style of a traditional Sussex barn, or maybe your tastes lean more towards a contemporary, modern, design with light cedar or colour-washed cladding, multiple floor-to-ceiling windows and loads of light. Or perhaps you’re a metal sculptor who needs a cooling fan, or a musician who requires sound proofing. Well, that’s all part of the service from Gembuild — pretty much anything goes! We can even extend core modules or create L-shapes to form additional rooms should you wish to increase the footprint beyond our standard sizes.

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If you would like to know more about our garden offices, or would like to request a quote, please call Gembuild on 0800 096 5466.
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Slide show and photo gallery

Colgate 25 with picture window in Amersham

Colgate 25 with picture window in Amersham

Faygate Sussex Mini-Barn in the Peak District

Faygate Sussex Mini-Barn in the Peak District

Rusper used as an artist’s studio in Ranmore Hill

Rusper used as an artist’s studio in Ranmore Hill