Garden Buildings for Accommodation

Garden buildings make great accommodation annexes

Sometimes there comes a point where there is not enough space in your home and you simply need to expand. Or perhaps you need extra room to accommodate a dependent relative, for example an aging parent who will benefit from living very close by, or a son or daughter who is ready to fly the nest but simply doesn’t have the resources to afford their own property.

So, what are the options?

An extension or loft conversion is an obvious choice, but both are extremely expensive and will also disrupt the home for several months or more. Be prepared for a mess, dust everywhere, perhaps muddy footprints and the company of workmen walking about in your property for a seemingly never-ending period of time. If your extension involves knocking down walls to create access and new openings in load-bearing walls, also be prepared for cracks appearing in nearby walls and ceilings, existing doors suddenly not fitting as well as they used to because they’ve dropped, and an enormous amount of decorating and making good at the end of the process. Then there’s the ‘snagging’ stage, which can sometimes be like getting blood out of a stone, and don’t forget ‘budget creep’ as the extension runs into unforeseen problems and complications that, whichever way you look at them, always seem to cost you extra money.

Is there is an easier way?

Absolutely. Compared to the potential nightmare of traditional extensions and conversions, a timber-framed garden building is plain sailing. Firstly the cost will be a fraction of the price. Moreover, the time for construction will be days rather than months. There will be no walls to knock down, no cracks to make good and no dust to clear off every surface in the entire home. And your ‘visitors’, the workmen, will be gone before you even know it. In fact, most of the build will have happened before they even arrived. With modern timber-framed buildings, custom modules are made up in advance, making the assembly time on site incredibly fast. What’s more, all of the action takes place outside the home, not in it. Companies like Gembuild will do it all for you, right down to painting the fascias and woodwork in the colour or finish of your choosing, so you don’t have to. Such things are all included in the price. Take a look at a few Gembuild examples:

Slide 1

Large garden building suitable for accommodation

Slide 2

Timber-framed granny annexe by Gembuild

Slide 3

Large timber-framed outbuilding used as accommodation

Slide 4

Garden building used as additional accommodation for dependent relative

Slide 5

Beautiful garden room has the potential to be used for occasional or permanent accommodation

Hang on, won’t a timber-framed building be cold in winter?

Absolutely not. Modern timber-framed buildings from Gembuild use the same build quality and specifications used by many of the big developers in commercial multi-storey homes (in fact, Gembuild used to build those homes too). Gembuild uses cavity walls and, what’s more, they’re nearly 7 inches thick and are jam-packed full of insulation. We’re not talking here about the cheap ‘log cabin kits’ with thin ‘slotting slat walls’ that you see from the likes of garden centres. Those will be cold in winter and expensive to heat, but Gembuild’s timber-framed garden buildings will naturally be a comfortable temperature all year round — a home from home whether it’s hot or cold outside. Insulation is first class in not only walls, but ceilings and floors too. Of course, like with any home, additional heating and/or air conditioning can be added for you if you want them; even wood-burning stoves if you like. Anything is possible with Gembuild garden buildings.

What about lights, power, phone and data cabling?

It’s all built in! Moreover, it’s all built in to suit your proposed furniture layout. If you need extra points of any kind, Gembuild will add them for you, exactly where you want them. If you want a particular type of lighting, it’s exactly what we’ll install for you.

What about bathrooms, shower rooms, kitchenettes and bedrooms?

Gembuild garden buildings are custom buildings. So, if you want a shower or bathroom area, we’ll include it. If you want a kitchenette area, we’ll put one in for you. If you want an area partitioned off as a bedroom, it’s all part of the service.

My dependent relative is disabled. How can you help?

Gembuild garden buildings are made-to-measure. That includes adding anything you like to the fabric of the building. We can add wheelchair access ramps, grip rails, emergency pull-chords, CCTV, intercoms, intruder alarms and anything you like if it’ll make life easier and safer for you and your disabled relative.

What if I need a building larger than those listed on your website?

The sizes and shapes shown on our website are only a starting point. They can be extended, or completely redesigned, so you end up with the exact size and shape that you had in mind. If you want an L-shaped or C-shaped unit instead of a rectangular one, that’s no problem. We build many accommodation units that way. All of them are accommodation-grade, so are suitable for all-year-round use.

What else can Gembuild Garden Buildings be used for?

Our garden buildings have been built all around the UK and have been used for a huge range of different things. When it comes to being used as accommodation, they’ve been used as granny annexes, holiday homes, self-contained accommodation for guests or lodgers, detached accommodation for offspring and, of course, for dependent relatives including the infirm or disabled. They’re also often used as park homes for holidaymakers.

Aside from being used as additional accommodation, they’re great for games rooms, creative studios and workshops, garden rooms to relax in, man caves, hobby rooms, treatment rooms, garden offices, music and rehearsal rooms, recording studios and some have even incorporated bars!

So how much is a Gembuild garden building going to cost me?

As an example, a standard ‘Capel Mini Barn‘ unit, with pitched roof, measuring 13 ft. 9 inches by 11 ft. 9½ inches internally, would cost £15,995 + VAT*. That’s a really inexpensive price for something you could potentially live in all year round, and probably a fraction what you’d have to pay for a traditional extension that size. We build units much larger than that, of course — take a look at the photographed examples in the slide show above.

* Prices correct at time of writing (September 2016).

Want to know more?

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