Gembuild Classroom Units – in a Class of their Own

Gembuild timber-framed classroom unit

Classroom interior with laminate flooring, double-glazing, points etc.Gembuild has supplied a significant number of exterior classroom units over the years and these are a natural progression from our garden office and outdoor studio ranges. They look great, last a phenomenally long time, require little maintenance and, crucially, can be installed within a very short time frame. They also allow schools, colleges, universities and educational establishments to expand their teaching space without having to build extortionately expensive extensions or pay for highly invasive conversions within existing rooms and spaces. Simply put, they offer a high quality but very low cost alternative to bricks and mortar.


With cavity walls that are nearly 7 inches thick, and insulation levels to floors, walls and ceilings that would rival any residential home, Gembuild’s classroom units are cosy in the winter and comfortable during even the hottest summer. They are actually accommodation grade buildings, employing construction methods used in many modern-day house builds. Flooring comes complete with your choice of either carpet tiles or a modern laminate. Windows and doors are, of course, all double-glazed. We’d also be happy to incorporate additional heating or even air conditioning for those who require it. With Gembuild, your classroom unit will be exactly as you want it, so that it’s perfect for you and your students.

Timber-framed, wooden clad exterior classroom unit featuring a slate roofEconomical

What’s equally important to schools and educational establishments is that our timber classroom units also represent incredible value for money compared to traditional builds and extensions. They also have a very long shelf-life, requiring little maintenance over the years, because we build them to last, unlike the thin, flimsy, flat-pack and ‘kit’ outbuildings one often sees being advertised elsewhere.


With our timber structures and partly prefabricated approach, our classrooms are much faster to erect on site than traditional brick and mortar buildings. Gembuild is typically on site for just ten days during a classroom build — try comparing that to a traditional build! That’s perfect for quickly adding teaching space to your school or institution, especially if timed to coincide with breaks like half term, the summer holidays etc. — that means zero disruption.

Clean & Tidy

Outdoor classroom unit for a school in Peterborough, by GembuildThere is also much less mess and very little, if any, dust with a Gembuild classroom unit. That’s because we do a lot of the construction off-site in our industrial unit in Surrey, before we ever set foot on site. Our timber construction is naturally cleaner and tidier anyway. After all, there is no sand, cement or plastering with a timber-framed Gembuild unit. Even much of the electrics come pre-assembled.


Speaking of which, if you are ordering a classroom unit from Gembuild, you can have as many power points as you like, wherever you want them and at whatever height you require them. That’s perfect for building around your facilities, desks and teaching requirements. We can place windows and doors anywhere you like too. There are also lots of lighting options should you decide you need something specific (e.g. ‘daylight’ bulbs for art blocks). If your classroom is to be used for music of any kind, we can also use special sound boarding and sound insulation and even incorporate sound booths and rooms-within-a-room (RWARs) to aid both recording and sound isolation. Communication and networking cabling can also be built into the walls and ceilings, with telephone and Ethernet points anywhere you want them. Gembuild can even add an intercom system and/or intruder alarm should you need it. We can sub-divide the interior space too. We can incorporate a toilet, shower, kitchenette and storage areas — whatever you like!

A classroom unit featuring timber cladding, security light and double-glazed doors & windowsSpecial Needs

We can also build in access ramps, hand rails/ballet rails, emergency and attention pull chords, CCTV, intercoms, a blended water supply pre-set to a safe temperature – you name it and we can probably build it in for you! Perfect if you need to cater for students or tutors with special needs, allow wheelchair access and help to keep everyone safe.

Happy Teachers, Happy Pupils

Teachers, tutors and school head’s seem to love our classroom units – and so do the pupils! We’ve never heard a bad word said about them and educational professionals often sing their praises. Here’s just one typical example:

“We had a ‘double Rusper’ installed, to create extra classroom space … at a special school for Autistic children in Cambridgeshire. Now, some two months into this school year the building is proving a definite hit with both children and staff. It has a good ‘feel’ about it and complements the old buildings that form the rest of the school. If you have similar educational space requirements I can recommend that you look at Gembuild as a potential source.” Graham Pocock (Peterborough)

Outdoor garden studio supplied to a music teacher. Features featheredge cladding with Sadolin paintA Wide Range of Finishes

You can see by now that we tailor the interior of each Gembuild classroom to suit each individual customer. The same is true for the exterior. We offer a wide choice of beautiful exterior cladding, for example. Options include Siberian Larch and Canadian Cedar if you like a natural wood look, or traditional feather-edge cladding, perhaps finished in various colours should you wish to have them painted with Sadolin or a colour wash. Even the windows come in mahogany and light oak options. For roofs, choose from asphalt, slate shingles or even sedum and wild flower ‘green’ roofing. Roofing comes with a 20-25 year guarantee, depending on the type.

Whatever you choose with Gembuild, your classroom will end up totally unique, incredibly impressive and 100% fit for purpose. Our classroom units represent a first class solution when extra space is needed in schools, colleges, universities and educational institutions of all kinds. All that, without needing to spend a fortune and without causing disruption. When you choose Gembuild, you’ll get the highest quality craftsmanship and year-round comfort and then, just like Gembuild, you’ll be in a class all of your own!

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