The highest specification garden offices

We are convinced that you will not find a higher specification and such flexibility being offered by any other UK garden office company – for such affordable prices. Just take a look at the incredible specification below, the high quality detail included as standard and the flexible options afforded by Gembuild’s garden studios and outdoor buildings. We challenge you to compare it to our competitors and are sure you will soon see the benefits of choosing Gembuild. Just take the thickness of our walls for starters — nearly 7 inches thick compared to a measly couple of inches if you’re lucky with some of our competitors. Also note the high level of insulation and that’s in floors, walls AND ceilings when you buy from Gembuild – whereas some of our competitors don’t include any! Take a look …

Amazing specification as standard:Included?
170mm thick cavity walls with 100mm of insulation?YES!
Walls include YBS breather foil & fire-resistant membrane?YES!
Weed matting supplied underneath if required?YES!
Bitumen finished / pressure treated ground plates supplied?YES!
Floors protected by DPM (damp-proof membrane)?YES!
Floors suspended with 100mm insulation included?YES!
Fully insulated roofs?YES!
Minimum 20 year guarantee to roof covering (flat roofs guaranteed for 25 years)?YES!
All soffits, downpipes & guttering included?YES!
Switched electrical sockets (sited to customer's preference), exterior lights & interior down-lighting (terminating to supplied consumer unit) included?YES!
Internal plumbing supplied where appropriate?YES!
Fully double-glazed UPVC windows (with either mahogany or light oak surround)?YES!
Window blinds supplied as standard?YES!
All internal carpentry (skirting etc.) supplied and fitted?YES!

Flexible options as standard:Available?
Choice of external materials/finish/colour available?YES!
Flexible window and door placement available?YES!
Double-glazed windows supplied with mahogany or light oak options?YES!
Choice of colours/finishes available for external cladding?YES!
Floor supplied with a choice of fitted carpet tiles or vinyl/laminate flooring?YES!
Choice of position & height available for power sockets?YES!

Additional upgrades available:Available?
Air conditioning, heating or extractor fans available as optional extras?YES!
Sound-proofing available as an optional extra e.g. for use as a music studio?YES!
Special lighting available for use as art & craft studios?YES!
Extra windows and doors possible?YES!
Grab bars and ramps etc. possible for the elderly or disabled?YES!

Garden office 'design & build' info:Available?
Are 'off-the-shelf' garden offices available?YES!
Are bespoke / made-to-measure garden buildings available?YES!
Do we supply & fit throughout the UK?YES!
Is the specification high enough for use as year-round accommodation?YES!
Are flat-roofed versions of the garden offices available? (i.e. less than 2.5m high to potentially avoid the need for planning permission)?YES!
Can drawings, plans and elevations (for planning) be supplied free of charge?YES!

Gembuild garden offices and studios have such a high specification that they are suitable for an incredibly wide range of uses including home offices, gyms, outdoor playrooms, bedrooms, art or craft studios, music/sound recording studios, treatment rooms, park and holiday accommodation — even reception rooms. And if you want something non-standard, we can definitely help – just give us a call on 0800 096 5466 or use the contact form, without obligation.