Working from home

The Benefits of Working from Home

There are many benefits to working from home, both in terms of your work and family life. Here are some reasons why opting to spend less time at the office may be best for you:

Working from home allows you to have much more control of your work-life balance. You can be more selective over your working hours and devote more time to family and friends when you need to, as long as you’re still able to make up the necessary hours.
Lack of family time can be one of the main reasons people feel stressed at work and this is something that can often transfer to home as people can feel tired and irritable and not feeling like spending time with others. The result can be a feeling of isolation and vicious cycle of not looking forward to work, followed by not looking forward to going home.
Working from home can cut out much of this stress and also give you the peace of mind of being close at hand, whatever may occur.
There can be a number of distractions in the workplace: the radio being too loud, ringing phones, conversations with colleagues about holidays, kids, football and even other colleagues – all things that can lower our productivity levels and make it harder to get work done. Working at home cuts out many of those distractions, so you just have to rely on your own concentration.
This is easier if you have your own dedicated space in which to work. This could be a room within your home which contains everything you need to work, or perhaps a garden office, which offers more peace and privacy as you don’t have to worry about how much noise everyone else is making – particularly important if you have children and it’s the school holidays.
A hassle-free work environment will make it much easier to get everything done that you need to do. Much depends on your own work practices as well, but if you can block out the outside world for a while, you’re giving yourself a head start.
Working from home MONEY
Many people face expensive travel costs commuting to work every day. Whether it’s filling up the car with fuel or travelling on the train every day, unless your place of work is within walking distance, it’s going to cost money, meaning most people are effectively having to pay to go to work.
Whilst there are also costs involved with working from home, mainly due to increased electricity usage, it can potentially prove more financially viable in the long term.