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Garden Studios from Gembuild

Gembuild is a specialist designer, manufacturer of outbuildings, perfect for use as garden offices, studios and luxury external rooms. Our garden buildings can be used for a wide variety of uses, ranging from business, relaxation or creative pursuits such as art or music. As leaders in our field with over 25 years in the garden building industry, we have the knowledge, expertise and experience to provide you with the very best in quality and service.

Our garden buildings and studios are extremely adaptable with flexible designs, meaning they easily convert to secondary accommodation.

The size and construction of our walls, floors and roofs is a huge selling point for us. Our walls are 170mm thick and include a traditional cavity, often up to 4 times bigger than others found on the market. Take a look at our specifications for further details.

Investing in an outbuilding from Gembuild could save you approximately £25,000.00 on the price of a loft conversion. In addition there is less disruption to home life and of course, property value will increase.

A 'Rusper' Sussex Mini Barn with cedar cladding & extra windows

A ‘Rusper’ Sussex Mini Barn with cedar cladding & extra windows

Extended Colgate 25 in Banbury

Garden Offices

Gembuild can provide you a garden office building starting at just £5,198.00, our offices are sized and priced to suit your business. Often the VAT is recoverable and there can be good tax advantages. The saving in rent and insurance will pay for your garden office typically within a year.

Extended Colgate 25 in Brighton

Garden Studios

Our garden studios can be customised to suit the creative minded. From a garden studio which can be lit especially for artists who work in oil or watercolour; or a fully soundproofed music studio for recording artists; to having an extractor fan installed for those that work in metal sculptures.

Adapted Rusper in Birmingham

Garden Rooms

Garden rooms are a great way to create additional living and leisure areas when any kind of expansion to the main residence is not feasible. They offer year-round, fully-insulated comfort, will add value to your home, but are significantly cheaper than traditional extensions and conversions.

Our Show Unit at Horne Court Manor Farm is open all year

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