Garden Accommodation

High quality timber framed garden accommodation

Garden accommodation is an obvious choice if you are looking to create additional living space for your home, without affecting or altering the main house. For one reason or another it’s not always feasible, or affordable, to increase the footprint of the main dwelling or to extend into the loft or garage space. In such circumstances a garden building presents a perfect alternative, keeping a much tighter lid on costs while also resulting in a more self-contained, independent annexe.

Garden accommodation by Gembuild is suitable for:

• dependent relatives, particularly when they would rather live semi-independently in a Granny Annexe, close to their loved ones, rather than in a residential care home for the elderly or infirm (those are also notoriously expensive!);

• accommodation for maturing children who need independence but who are not yet ready to leave the parental home;

• accommodation for the disabled. A single-storey building in the garden can be fitted with access ramps for wheelchairs, disabled toilets, sit-down showers with pre-set temperatures, grab bars (or ‘ballet’ rails), attention chords, panic alarms, self-contained kitchenettes with blended water to avoid scalds, electric heating and/or air conditioning for all-year-round comfort, easy-access sun decks, integrated flat-screen TVs with power sockets suitable sited to minimise leads crossing floors, and so on. Gembuild can do all of this for you in a fully customised way.

• garden buildings can also, of course, be highly suitable for those wishing to make an extra income from holidaymakers or lodgers.

Flexible options

There are more options available for free-standing garden buildings than there are when attempting to add additional living space directly to your main dwelling. Planning limitations may well be more relaxed, particularly for a single-storey detached garden building which is situated away from the main residence and not in direct line of sight of the immediate neighbours. Architectural style, finish and design may be more flexible, in Planning terms, simply *because* the garden accommodation is not directly linked to the main house. So, for instance, the building style, materials and finish may no longer need to be a close match and this opens up all manner of flexible opportunities.

There is a vast array of timber-framed outbuildings on offer from Gembuild, all built to residential standards for year-round, comfortable living. Including super-high, domestic-grade insulation, double-glazing, lighting, power, plumbing options and a bespoke design service, they offer lots of flexibility to those wishing to make additional living space out in the garden. And, as an added bonus, the finished garden accommodation will add value to your home.

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Garden accommodation: bespoke, timber-framed garden buildings suitable for year-round living. Photo shows an example of a wooden home we built in Sheffield

A timber-framed home for a customer in Sheffield

Interior – Sheffield

Interior – Sheffield

Kitchen interior – Sheffield

Kitchen interior – Sheffield