GemBuild speaks to another happy customer!

Patricia Davies is a retired teacher in Penarth. Roy Thomas of Gembuild built a room for Pat and her husband Graham in their large garden in June 2012. Pat was very happy to speak about her new garden building, an extended Rusper

Gembuild: How did you choose your garden room?

Patricia Davies: I had been thinking of having some kind of gardening room for some time as I lost both of my parents relatively recently. The house was cluttered with the extra furniture and I was getting desperate.

I wanted a place to work but I did not want it to be only an office so I went onto a garden room website and I looked at a couple of companies. I wanted a big garden room put down at the bottom of the garden.

There were lots of garden rooms out there and one gentleman came and measured up and give me a quote and it was very very expensive. So I approached other companies and then I clicked on the Gembuild site and I quite liked the design. Then a local interior designer and gardener designer had a look and they also liked Roy’s design.”

GB: What do you want to use the garden room for?

PD: “I am a retired teacher but photography is my hobby and I am also working on the family tree, so I needed somewhere where I could have a desk and a modern area.

It is going to be divided up, there is going to be work area and a bed settee and I have got an area where we can also sit around a table and eat, it is approximately 16′ x 12′

Once you get out the family tree papers you have to put them away again and I wanted somewhere where I could leave them and then go back. Roy’s room is very well insulated and obviously with windows and the blinds come in the price.

The whole look of it is lovely it is utterly what I wanted, exactly what I wanted.

We have got it at the bottom of the garden, looking out over the garden and towards the house.

When the Jubilee celebrations were on, we had the family party up there. There were about ten of us but it holds a lot more.

GB: Does being in a garden have a different atmosphere to a house?

PD: Oh yes, very much so. I think as soon as you go there you feel totally relaxed, just looking out at the greenery feels tranquil. Even when the heating has not been on, it is warm. I am going to be putting a radiator in there, but Roy’s rooms are ready to go into straight away.

I am getting Conran room dividers in there and I am going to have some nice objects. It is not going to look like an office but like a room in the house.

In fact with Gem Build you can have whatever you like. I could have had water plumbed in and a toilet but my husband and I chose to have a room that could be used as an area to enjoy. So if you wanted to you can sit and watch television, or work there, or just sit reading and looking out at the garden.

When Roy and his team were building it, the weather was atrocious and they worked so hard. I felt you could trust them from the start. Roy came all the way up from Sussex and gave none of the old hard sell, there was no nonsense, Roy just got on with it. There is good after sales service as well.

I found that I could ring Roy up with a choice of colours and asking about the windows and nothing was too much work.

The Davies’ extended Rusper is clad in feather edge treated boards painted black and it has French doors and two feature windows.