Eco-friendly garden offices & studios from Gembuild

Garden offices, studios and buildings by Gembuild are naturally a very ‘green’, eco-friendly, choice. Eco-friendly garden offices, studios, houses and buildingsThe main construction elements are carbon neutral because the timber used is taken from sustainable sources where new trees replace those which were harvested for the buildings. The new, young, trees lock up increasing quantities carbon dioxide from the atmosphere as they continue to grow over the long life of the Gembuild outbuilding.

Gembuild uses an unusually high specification for insulation to roofs, floors and walls (100mm of insulation in walls nearly 7 inches thick!), as well as installing high quality double-glazing to windows and doors. This means that very little is required from the customer in terms of heating. This optimum combination has a marked benefit for the environment because very little generated heat is allowed to vent to the atmosphere — which also helps to keep heating bills to a bare minimum. It also means that the garden studios, offices and houses stay at a more constant temperature throughout the entire year rather than always being too hot in Summer and too cold in Winter as happens so often when homeworkers attempt to work from a conservatory or from an inferior outbuildings with thin walls and lower insulation standards.

Sedum and wild flower covered roofs are available as an optional extra on some of the Gembuild range (see page 20 of the price list for details). This type of roofing has is very natural-looking, blends in with the surroundings and provides important micro-climates for wildlife including insects and bird life. It also further reduces heat loss by acting as an extra layer of insulation to the building. Sound insulation is also improved as is the air quality in the vacinity – sedum roofing is known to be a ‘carbon sink’ (locking away even more carbon from carbon dioxide the neighbouring atmosphere) and can also help those wishing to manage surface rainwater run-off in an eco-friendly way.

And don’t forget to factor in all those saved journeys to work and the resulting savings on fuel and travel cost! It’s also true that homeworkers using a standalone Gembuild studio or office in the garden will not necessarily need to heat their main dwelling during office hours, which cannot be said if they were to work from a spare bedroom, conservatory or extension — it’s far cheaper to heat one compact space than an entire house.

All in all Gembuild garden studios, offices, houses and outbuildings are a winning combination for both customers AND the environment. With the significant heating savings factored in, they represent a very sound investment and a much faster return on investment (ROI) compared to the many inferior alternatives on the market, whilst also helping to minimise man’s impact on the environment. Call us on 0800 096 5466, contact us or download our 2013-2014 PDF brochure here for further information.