Bespoke Garden Music Studios — an Instant Hit!

Bespoke garden music studio

We all love music of one form or another but if you’ve got someone in the house who is regularly playing, practising, singing or composing, a bespoke, stand-alone music space is the absolute ideal. After all, we all have different tastes and you don’t want to disturb other members of the family, or indeed those living next door or nearby, especially when it’s late. More to the point, it’s often more enjoyable as a musician if you can play at a reasonable volume! That’s where a made-to-measure garden music studio really fits the bill. Because it’s bespoke, it’s perfect for playing music on the inside but designed to shield out much of the sound to those outside. So when acoustics have been designed well, you can really rock out without needing to worry about waking the neighbourhood!

Acoustic Insulation Built In

It’s all done with careful acoustic design. Unlike the rooms within a standard domestic home, Gembuild’s garden music rooms feature double-glazed acoustic glass to windows and doors, acoustic sound boarding (very dense, sound-blocking plasterboard) to walls and an unusually generous filling of acoustic insulation within the ceilings and cavity walls. With all this acoustic protection, it’s much harder for sound to escape to the outside. So your family in the main dwelling and the neighbours nearby are less likely to hear children practising their scales repeatedly, teenagers rocking out with their friends or indeed the latest version of your next Top Ten single being played at full volume. A new, acoustically insulated garden music studio can be an oasis of calm from the outside, yet a musical haven on the inside. No longer will musicians or performers have to think twice about turning up the volume another notch.

Sound Booths & Rooms-within-a-Room (RWARs)

Sound booths & vocal booths built inFor those who like to record music without having to worry about picking up background noise, sound reflecting back off resonant surfaces and unwelcome white noise ‘hiss’, Gembuild can also incorporate a made-to-measure acoustic sound booth, a kind of acoustic room-within-a-room (RWAR), right there inside the garden music studio. Such a sound booth would usually, of course, also feature an internal communication window, once again featuring double-glazed acoustic glass.

Perfect for Singers, Musicians, DJs, Producers & Tutors

Guitar & music studio in the gardenGembuild garden music studios are ideal for such things as:

  • Rehearsal studios for musicians, singers and bands;
  • Lesson rooms for professional tutors;
  • Practise rooms for music students;
  • Recording studios for DJs, producers, composers and songwriters.

For self-employed music professionals, Gembuild garden music studios are also likely to be tax-deductible. Those of them that are VAT Registered should also be able to reclaim the VAT, but do seek advice from your accountant just to be safe when budgeting.

Home-From-Home Comfort

A 'Rusper' music rehearsal studio in SurreyGembuild’s bespoke garden music studios are also a home from home of comfort, of course, so have electric lighting to the interior and exterior, all the power points you require (each positioned exactly where you want them), plumbing set up if you need it and an incredible amount of insulation via cavity walls which are nearly 7 inches thick. Floors and ceilings are also highly insulated of course, so inside it’s as warm and snug as it would be in a domestic home and Gembuild can even supply additional heating for winter or indeed air conditioning for the warmest summer months — all on request. Every Gembuild music studio is totally bespoke so if you’d like a kitchenette added, extra windows (including floor-to-ceiling) or a partitioned area for storage or suchlike, that’s all absolutely fine too — bespoke garden rooms are what we do best.

Ask for a Free Music Studio Quotation

A new garden music studio is likely to be an instant hit with you, your friends, family & neighbours. Gembuild have built many of them over the years so if you are considering adding one to your garden, please do ask us for a quotation. Quotes are free and without pressure of any kind. We’re based near Horley so are particularly convenient if you are looking for a bespoke garden studio, garden room or garden office in Surrey, Kent, Sussex, Essex, London and the Home Counties generally, although we do supply and install right around the UK.

Call 0800 096 5466 or contact us via our enquiry form here and we’ll be delighted to help. You can also request a free brochure using the same form.