Garden office or studio/room by Gembuild
Another outdoor room by Gembuild
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bespoke 2m x 3.2m garden building
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Timber-framed accommodation-grade building or park home by Gembuild
Custom timber-framed garden room by Gembuild
Bespoke office building in timber frame by Gembuild
Gembuild en route
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Interior of sauna barrel by Gembuild
Outdoor hot tub by Gembuild

Garden offices & studios

Bespoke garden offices at off the shelf prices!

We specialise in garden buildings that can be used as garden offices, garden studios and luxury outdoor rooms; a natural workspace for the home or business. Gembuild is a leading designer, manufacturer and builder of timber-framed outbuildings.

We Build the Highest Quality Buildings

Our buildings are so good and the designs so flexible that they can even be used as secondary accommodation.
The greatest difference between our timber-framed garden offices and the plank-panel conservatory type buildings, which are predominant in the garden building market, is the size and construction of our walls, floors and roofs. For example, our walls are 170mm thick and include a traditional cavity which can be up to 4 times bigger than most of the competition. See our Specifications >

The Best Garden Buildings in the Market, GUARANTEED

Not only do we provide a superb garden building, but our prices are the best in the market and in simple terms you get a great deal more for your money.
Our designs can be made to your exact requirement and you can have the windows and door positioned to suit your garden and the power point layout designed to suit your furniture layout. You can also add extra windows and doors.
For those seeking to build without planning permission within 2 metres of the boundary, we offer the 25 range – flat-roofed garden offices less than 2.5m high.
In fact whatever you may need Gembuild can build to your requirements!

Enhance the value of your property

We build garden buildings for childrens playrooms, bedrooms, gyms, etc. We can also build in bathrooms and kitchens to make a self-contained unit. The cost of one of our buildings will normally save approximately £25,000.00 on the price of a loft conversion as well as a great deal less hassle, and don’t forget that a garden building will enhance the value of your property.

A 'Rusper' Sussex Mini Barn with cedar cladding & extra windows

A ‘Rusper’ Sussex Mini Barn with cedar cladding & extra windows

A bespoke 2m x 3.2m white painted office

A bespoke 2m x 3.2m white painted unit

Garden Offices

Gembuild can provide you a garden office building starting at just £3,950.00, our offices are sized and priced to suit your business. Often the VAT is recoverable and there can be good tax advantages. The saving in rent and insurance will pay for your garden office typically within a year.

Garden Studios

Our garden studios can be customised to suit the creative minded. From a garden studio which can be lit especially for artists who work in oil or watercolour; or a fully soundproofed music studio for recording artists; to having an extractor fan installed for those that work in metal sculptures.

Garden Rooms

Garden rooms are a great way to create additional living and leisure areas when any kind of expansion to the main residence is not feasible. They offer year-round, fully-insulated comfort, will add value to your home, but are significantly cheaper than traditional extensions and conversions.